Of course, no "What's In My Bag" is complete without some beauty mentions and two that I always have in my weekend bag without fail is my Mac Persistence and Fanfare Lipstick, and my by Rosie Jane James Fragrance Oil that is my favorite scent right now. Very woodsy, musky but with the perfect amount of floral notes.  I've mentioned this scent before on Instagram and described it as the perfect My Fair Autumn scent because it absolutely reminds me of the season and sometimes when I get a bit of Autumnlust, this fragrance oil totally transports me to fall weather.

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Another thing that I carry in my bag (even my weekday bag) some feminine care because you just never know when you'll need the help or if another sweet lady is in need of some help.... you know, keeping things all with the "who run the world" motto that Beyonce started.... I was approached by Veeda and they graciously let me try some of their products which they market as your healthy, natural option for feminine care that are still, very much affordable. All their products are made with hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton with no, chemical, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances reducing the chances of toxic shock syndrome and irritation. The brand is also thinking about the environment (which I applaud them for) by making their tampons 100% biodegradable.

To be quite honest I've never really used more natural feminine care before so I was very curious to try this brand out. So when mother nature finally paid a visit and I finally got the chance to try Veeda to was a pretty comfortable experience. I personally did not see or feel a difference from using the feminine care I typically use versus this brand and everything went well and fine which I appreciate.  I was extremely satisfied that the feminine care I was using was a bit friendlier to earth than the others I've used before and I've become such a fan of how soft their pads and liners are.  Overall, if I see this on a shelf in the drugstore, sure I'd give it a try one more time.

There you have it... my first edition of "What's In My Bag." I had tons of fun making this content and I want to give a huge thanks to Veeda for letting me try out some of their products. If you all have some "What's In My Bag" posts up recently or even not so recent, please leave the link down below in the comments because I would love to check them out! 

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